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Big Bang Marketing
What do the AFLAC duck and Herbal Essences Shampoo have to do with success in marketing? They've got Bang!

The Tipping Point
Taking a look at how little things can really make a big difference, and how you can tap the power to tip.

The Luck Factor
Do you feel that you were just born lucky or unlucky and there is nothing you can do to change your fate?  Think again.  This book is an eye opener on the real factors behind what seems like blind luck and how you can change your luck to change your life.

Use What You've Got
Barbara' Corcoran's business lessons learned from her mom helped her build  a fantastically successful real estate business in New York City. If you are going to make it in your own business, these lessons can help.

Work 2.0: It's the Revenge of the Employees
Bill Jensen's convinced that employees are going to create the next version of the unwritten employment contract.  Find out how to seize the day at work.

Face It, Your Boss is a Rat!
"Who Moved My Cheese?", by Spencer Johnson & Kenneth H. Blanchard is more than just a cute little story. It reveals the true agenda of management thinking.  Find out just who is moving your cheese and why.

Reviews of Technical Books

T1: A Survival Guide
Matthew S. Gast gives you the theory and practice for dealing with the popular high speed T1 voice and data communication lines. Perfect for telecommunication managers, phone techs, and network administrators.

The Smarter Way to Buy a Smart Phone!



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