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Climbing Everest to Beat Cancer
Sean's millions will be used to inspire millions

By: John Shepler

Sean Swarner refuses to be knocked down by cancer.  In utter defiance of conventional thinking, Sean sold everything he owned to finance a trip to Nepal  to climb the world's highest peak and wrap a flag around the summit adorned with the names of people who have been affected by cancer.  As the worlds first and only cancer survivor to summit Everest, he is now on an even  larger quest...and "The One Minute Millionaire" might just make it happen.

Antithesis to the Greedy Millionaire Stereotype
Most of what we've heard all our lives has been about the money as the root of all evil.  That's part of why our subconscious mind balks when we look to seek our fortunes and it tries to hold us back.  What we don't get a steady diet of in the media is the good that wealth does when put into the right hands.  Sure, a million dollars can finance a bender of self-absorbed consumption for someone who is unconcerned with others.  But, a million or a billion dollars can also fund research that finds the cure to disease, or build schools and hospitals, or give those who need a spark of inspiration, the example that will help them to overcome obstacles...even obstacles as deadly as cancer.

Sickened by cancer not once, but twice, from the age of 13, Sean has fought his way to health ignoring the prognosis that he had a mere 2 weeks to live.  His secret to success? Modern medicine, family support, prayer and an inner will to survive.  Not just get by and hope for the best, but to challenge some of the most physically demanding feats on earth.  He's climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, and Elbrus in Europe.  He's made it to the most prized summit of them all.  Now that he's planted the commemorative flag on Everest, he's not looking to spend the rest of his life basking in reflected glory.  No, no. Sean is on a mission to pass that flame of inner will to as many people as possible who are afflicted with cancer.  To speak, to write, to lead by example and show how it can be done.

Sean's Mission to Inspire
I was inspired to share this story that Sean has shared with me, because I see in him the best example possible of someone who has pulled himself free of the crab bucket of the disease mentality, and now looks over his shoulder to see if he can become an inspiration to young people facing the same challenge he had as a teenager. 

His plans are ambitious.  As well as climbing the highest mountains on each of the continents and the North and South Poles, Sean expects to travel the world with his message of inspiration.  That takes money.  Money to do good.  After reading "The One Minute Millionaire," Sean is out to prove it works.  His goal: Make $500,000. How?  He's already working on a book and looking for publishers. He's also looking for producers interested in doing a made-for-TV movie.  If there was ever an inspiring story that needed to be shared in the media, this has got to be IT!

Sean's  formed an association, the CancerClimber Association, and has created a website at You'll find details of his accomplishments with pictures, a mailing list, contact information and an opportunity to donate to support the cause.  If you can be of help or inspiration to Sean in his quest, why not visit now and post to his message board or send him a email message.  You might be just the one who can help him reach the next highest summit.


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