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Are YOU Caught in a Crab Bucket?
If not, what's that holding on to your leg?

By: John Shepler

Does it seem like every time you're about to rise to a better position or climb out of dead end job, something seems to grab you by the leg and pull you back down? You, my friend, may be caught in a crab bucket. Look down quickly enough and you'll see that "something" that is trying to keep you from moving on is actually a long, sharp pincer belonging to one of your fellow, colleagues. Or, do you feel the weight of a giant crab manager standing on your head to keep you in your place? When you're caught in the bucket, it's crabs everywhere.

Crabby Behavior
We usually reserve the term "crab" for someone with a crusty, negative outlook. Actually, we've all been programmed to act like crabs, no matter how positive our outlook. Consider the behavior of crabs in a bucket. Crab fishermen have long known that there is no need to bother putting a lid on the bucket you are using to catch crabs. Once you've tossed in a few crabs, they'll police themselves. Any ambitious crab that decides to make a run for freedom will find it all but impossible to scale the wall of the bucket and scramble over the top. It's not that the bucket is too deep or slippery. It's the seemingly odd behavior of the other crabs. As soon as one starts making a move to scramble over the others and out, its fellow crabs will reach out those long, sharp pincers and pull the errant crab back into the fray. Nobody escapes the crab bucket. That's because no crab will allow another crab to move up and out...even if they have once entertained the same notion themselves.

But WE'RE Not Like That, Are We?
As human beings with naturally superior intellect, we laugh at those foolish crabs from our vantage point above. Silly crabs. Can't they see that if they just lend a helping pincer, they could form an escape chain and pull the entire group out to freedom? Apparently the crabs don't see it that way. Perhaps they figure that only the one obnoxiously ambitious crab will break free by stepping on the rest of the group in a selfish dash to freedom. Good for one crab, maybe. How about everybody else? Why, they'd risk still being stuck in the bottom of the bucket with one less colleague to support the group. "Foolish, foolish crabs," we think. It sure makes them easy to keep down and use for whatever purposes we want.

Crabs at Work
Now consider your own workplace. Surely the intelligent, considerate people you work with are only all too anxious to support a member of their group trying to improve his or her lot. Just show a little ambition to escape the confines of your situation and your management and co-workers will swoop in to give you that extra boost of support you need to make it to the next level. Right? Is that how it is where you work? Or...are you caught in a workplace crab bucket, where the ambitious are kept in their place and the mediocre dictate how its going to be for everyone?

Do YOU Need a Rescue?
If so, you need a Crab Bucket Rescue. That's what we're about. It's our mission at to provide that helping pincer...the one that will help hoist you over the rim of the bucket, not pull you back into the crabby abyss. If you are that crab who is ready to make a dash for freedom, you've come to the right place.

You might also suspect that there are many crab buckets in life. Anywhere you have a few people in a situation, be they a family, social group, school, professional organization, or workplace... you have a potential crab bucket. The setting changes, but the principle is the same. Crab or no crab? You DO have a choice.

What's YOUR Crab Bucket?
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