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Guy Finley, director of the Life of Learning Foundation, offers his insights into a better life in these articles:

Let Go of Loneliness and Discontentment
Guy Finley shows that when you choose Being over doing and one day there will be no more pain in what you do or don't do.

Cancel Self Wrecking Resentments
Guy Finley shares his insight on how you can get control of your inner dialog to free yourself from resentments that are holding you back in life.

Your True Nature is High!
When it's impossible to win the conventional way, learn how to let go to make possible other victories.

Abandon Your Usual Ways of Thinking
Being lost in thought isn't always a pleasant thing. Under some conditions it can be downright dangerous.

30 Keys to Change Your Destiny
Unlike inanimate objects, human nature is not fixed. It can be transformed.

Invite The Light That Liberates
From his book, "5 Steps to Complete Freedom From Stress," Guy Finley shows us how to step outside the circle of stress

Larry Ferstenou, author of "You Can Retire Young", gives practical advice for building your wealth and escaping the corporate handcuffs.

Why Work Forever If You Can Retire Young?
Gosh, who would choose the endless work life?  It might be YOU if you don't start working a plan to take change of your financial future.

The Smarter Way to Buy a Smart Phone!


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