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Welcome to Crab Bucket Rescue
We're here to help you become more successful and independent. We have small business ideas to help you work at home and create your own home based business.  Or, if you prefer to work for an organization, we can help you write your own job descriptions so that you can build careers on your own terms.  Caught in mid-life career changes?  Perfect!  Now's the time to make sure you can live the life you want from now on.

What's New!
Our What's New page is where we announce all the new additions to the site.  You can return "home" from any of our other pages or use the convenient Site Map that shows the complete table of contents for what is on

John's Crabbing
John is me, John Shepler, publisher of Crab Bucket Rescue. I've had to fight off a lot of pincers over the years, many of which managed to pull me into buckets where I really didn't belong.  Now that I've finally managed to escape into a more independent lifestyle, I'll share my personal advice and opinions in hopes that you can benefit too.

Book Reviews
We pick some of the latest offerings from the publishing world and give you the gist of what is right, wrong, and just plain frightening about what executives, employees and entrepreneurs are reading. We'll also let you know which books will be of help in your own endeavors.

Guest Articles
Experts such as Guy Finley and Larry Ferstenou share their experience and wisdom on a variety of important life and work topics.

Are YOU Caught in a Crab Bucket?
If you've gotten this far, you've probably figured out that Crab Bucket Rescue isn't about commercial fishing or serving tasty crabs. So, then, what do crab buckets have to do with jobs and making money, and why would anyone need to be rescued from a crab bucket? Go ahead. Click through and find out..


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