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30 Keys to Change Your Destiny

By Guy Finley

It is a Law: Not of Man's or of Woman's - but of Life. Before you can have a different life; before you can be happier, wiser, more at peace and in quiet command of yourself, you must first be different. Being is everything.

What is Being?

Every thing on Earth and in the heavens has Being because - animated or not - all forms are an expression of one great Intelligent, Creative Energy. Even a common rock has Being of a sort. Similarly, all manner of Beings - from rocks to roses - to you and I - all unique expressions of this One Great Energy - possess a nature.

The nature of a rock is determined by the natural forces acting upon it. Both the rock's nature - and its destiny - are predetermined. Its Being is without choice. One day it will be dust.

Neither does the rose, dressed so delicately in its fragrant velveteen petals, have a choice as to its nature. An individual rose can't choose not to have thorns, or attract bees. Its nature is a fixed expression of its Being.

But human nature, your nature, is not fixed. It can be transformed. That's what makes us special above all of God's countless expressions. And this fact empowers us in a very special way. It means, that as a feature of our Being, each of us is created with the power to choose our own destiny. Let's see how this is possible.

Your Being is in a constant process of unfolding. That it will unfold is not your choice. Being is a gift you can't refuse. It came with birth. But how the rest of your life unfolds is something you can influence. It's called making choices. Being empowered to have a real voice in your life-choices is what this booklet is all about.


This guest article written by Guy Finley is an excerpt from his book, "30 Keys to Change Your Destiny."  You can buy this book or read more inspirational writing by Guy Finley by visiting him at  Guy Finley's Life of Learning Foundation

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Guy Finley is director of the "Life of Learning Foundation," the mission of which is to help individuals realize their True Relationship with Life through higher self-studies. You'll find his books, tapes and CDs at the Life of Learning Foundation Book Store.

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