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Invite The Light That Liberates

By Guy Finley

Being empowered to step outside the circle of stress becomes possible only as you awaken to see that you're a captive within it; and that whatever escape plans your stressed self suggests are not, in fact, solutions to your stress, but are actually symptoms of this stressful circle. This new inner knowledge is the first shaft of light in the darkened room of self. It doesn't speak to us of mere temporary relief from our stresses, but of complete release from the self that causes them. With this inner light, escape becomes possible. Without it, all the greater becomes the darkness, as its shadows of blame, guilt, fear, and anger gather and grow in the shuttered room of self-ignorance.


This guest article written by Guy Finley is an excerpt from his book, "5 Steps to Complete Freedom From Stress."  You can buy this book or read more inspirational writing by Guy Finley by visiting him at  Guy Finley's Life of Learning Foundation

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Guy Finley is director of the "Life of Learning Foundation," the mission of which is to help individuals realize their True Relationship with Life through higher self-studies. You'll find his books, tapes and CDs at the Life of Learning Foundation Book Store.

You can become an affiliate partner with Guy Finley's Life of Learning Foundation - Opportunity!


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