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Our Site Policies

Crab Bucket Rescue welcomes all visitors.  We want you to feel comfortable with our content, our advertisers, and our respect for your privacy.  Here's what we do to value your trust:

Who We Are
Crab Bucket Rescue is owned and published by John Shepler with editorial and creative assistance by Barbara Shepler.  At, you'll find informative articles, editorial comment, and commercial offerings that are all related to the theme of self-help and support in breaking free of what is limiting you in life.

Privacy Policy
We respect the privacy of our visitors and appreciate the same in return.  We don't collect personal information and have no idea of who is visiting our site unless you care to send us a personal email message.  If you do, your address is safe with us.  We do not sell or share our visitor's email addresses.  At some point we'll probably offer an email newsletter, but you'll have to specifically request it and approve delivery.  We should also mention that we review web server logs and page trackers to get a general idea on how many visitors our site receives, what times are popular, what countries they are from, etc.  None of this information gives us a clue as to who specific individuals are.

Content Policy
All of our content is intended to be suitable for general readers.  You should feel confident browsing this site with children present or allowing them to view anything we publish.

About Our Advertisers
To support ourselves and keep this valuable resource free of charge to our visitors, you'll notice that we run commercial advertisements and recommend commercial products and services.  There is never an obligation to buy anything, but we're always glad when our visitors buy through us rather than somewhere else.  We expect our advertisers to adhere to the same high standards we do and keep their ads suitable for all audiences.  We also expect our advertisers to offer high quality products and services at reasonable prices, and to offer excellent customer service.  If you elect to visit an advertiser or other site linked from, do make it a point of reviewing their site policies, too.

Spam Policy
You will NEVER get unsolicited commercial email, also known as spam, from us.  We resent the amount of time it takes us to sort through the flood of unwanted, unrequested, often offensive messages that appear in our email every day.  We're not about to do that to you.  Unfortunately, some unscrupulous individuals are abusing the Internet and sending out advertisements that look similar to the ones we run, perhaps even using false email addresses.  If you receive an unsolicited email message that you think came from this site, please let us know.  We have a vested interest in protecting our good name and will pursue anyone impersonating our identity.

Copyrighted Material Policy
Don't steal our material or graphics, OK?  It's just not nice and it's also illegal under Federal copyright law.  If you want to provide a link to our site, or any of the articles or other content, by all means do so.  We love the publicity.  But, NEVER copy any part of this site and post it on another site or in a report or printed publication.  Short quotes of a paragraph or less for review purposes or referenced in a school paper are fair use.  Be sure to attribute us as the authors and include our web address.  Copying an article and putting your name on it is dirty pool and we'll come after you, even students.  If you really want to republish one of our columns or articles, please write and let us know what you have in mind.  We may negotiate a reasonable fee or come up with something original you can use.

Submissions Policy
While most of our content is generated in-house, we occasionally have interest in articles by experts in their field and comments from our readers.  If you have something in mind, best bet is to send us a short email message.  If we're interested, we'll let you know.  Please clearly identify your subject and don't send attachments.  With all the email viruses around, unsolicited attachments scare us.  We usually trash such messages unread.

Anything Else?
If there is anything we've forgotten, or you just want to send us your comments regarding the site, please do so.

Please Send All Email Messages to:


Thanks for Visiting!


John Shepler, publisher
Crab Bucket Rescue

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